This is a movement

A movement to get outside of the office and into shared workspaces.

It is a movement towards collaboration over competition, community over going solo, and about reaching goals you never thought you could. It’s about bringing like-minded people together to work in one environment, to learn from each other, network, stimulate creativity, reduce stress and simply get stuff done.

We Rise Together

This is more than just how you work. This is a community.

Rise exists to see others flourish. We want to see individuals grow. Our vision is to bring you--the amazing Oklahoma community-- together in an environment designed to help you thrive. Our hope is to see you be more productive, connect with collaborators, and succeed in all of your ventures.

We Rise By Uplifting Others

You have a lot on your plate. Let us help. Come be a part of our community.

Our goal is to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our community is made better when everyone in it is able to use their talents to achieve their dreams. There are a thousand things that need to get done, and office upkeep shouldn’t have to be on your list. Let us handle the hassle of the office space so you can reach your full potential.

We Rise by Breaking Barriers

We’re a community space with an open-source culture.

The vision of Rise is to remove barriers for workers at every level and for every need so you can focus on what brings you value. We are a diverse group of collaborators, entrepreneurs, and innovators, and we know that our diversity and community culture is what makes us stronger.

Our Team

Jordan Clark

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On the Rise

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In The Heart
Of Moore

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