Frequently Asked Questions

Are day passes available after hours?

No. Day Passes are only usable during our business hours which are 9a-5p M-F.

What if I can’t work at Rise during business hours?

We’ve have a membership plan that are affordable and designed specifically for you called Nights and Weekends. This is perfect for students and side-hustlers

Can my colleagues use my membership to work at Rise when I can’t?

No. Rise memberships are only one per person. We’ve tried to design our memberships so virtually every company or group can find a way to work at the space. We’d be happy to discuss which options would work for you

I operate a non-profit and can’t afford a membership. Can I work at Rise?

Yes. We have special pricing available for our community non-profit members to help them enjoy our space. Email [email protected] for more information

Do I have to sign a contract to be a member?

No. Rise memberships are all month-to-month, with the exception of private offices. The only requirement we have is for a 30-day notice of cancellation - in other words completing one more billing cycle after we are given notice. Private office memberships begin with a 3 month commitment.

Can I receive my mail at Rise?

Yes. We have options for businesses to use a Rise address and receive mail here.

Can I have guests at Rise?

Yes. We welcome any of our members to meet clients and receive guests at Rise. We do have rules and request surrounding guests. For instance, if a guest wants to work for a few hours, they will need to purchase a day pass. Also, if you are meeting multiple clients, we would ask you rent the conference room during an available slot in order to accommodate your guests and respect the productivity of your fellow members

Does Rise provide an office assistant?

No. At this time, we do not offer any of our staff members as assistants to your business including answering phone calls, making copies, sending emails, or welcoming guests or clients

Can non-members rent out the space?

Yes. Anyone is welcome to rent out our conference room. Members get monthly hours included in their membership and day-passers get a discount. Outside groups can rent the room out at the normal rate

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